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Digitalistion – Opening New Value Creation Opportunities

Information technology (IT) plays a pivotal role in Pacific Logistics Group (PLG). The IT team developed the company’s internal electronic procurement system from scratch, updating the system over the years to meet new requirements. This laid the cornerstone for PLG’s digital transformation. With skills honed over the years, PLG is now able to develop customised systems for customers.

Driving PLG’s digital transformation is the motivation to better meet the logistical needs of customers. Evolving digital capabilities and early research and development (R&D) will be a crucial strategy moving forward, as the industry moves towards digitalisation. Undertaking this critical step of R&D requires a great deal of resources, but companies should not be short-sighted as they will reap the benefits of this in the long run. While digitalisation is important and presents a slew of opportunities, it is important to set long-term plans, weighing up different aspects including talent strategy, resources and opportunity costs to ensure a comprehensive, competitive and digitalised PLG.

Apart from being versatile and enabling the seamless flow of information which is the global industry standard, the role of digital technology has rapidly shifted from improving efficiency to new breakthroughs and innovations. This is PLG’s goal – to capitalise on the advancements achieved and future innovations to create and bring further value to customers in as many areas as possible.

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狮城有约 | 数码攻略:数码成长之路

As translated by PLG:

数字化为企业发展策略 持续创造价值




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