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Singaporean Company’s Journey to Connect Asia with the World

Pacific Logistics Group (PLG) has been in operation for the past 20 years and has grown to establish itself as one of Singapore’s most important logistics solutions providers. Earlier this month, our Commercial Director Edwin Lim, was invited by Business Radio Station Money FM to speak more about how the organisation has grown over the past decades, and how the business will continue amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other topics in the sharing session include insights on how we managed to survive and thrive amid the disruption of supply chains all over the world and why there remains the need and importance to constantly be nimble and agile within the logistics industry.

Click here to listen to the full interview, or refer below for a summary of the interview:

How has PLG logistics managed to survive and thrive amidst Covid-19?

Starting with a team of 2 people – our founder Kelvin and his wife, PLG has grown into a logistics company, focusing on B2B shipping, warehousing and even food logistics today. Our USP lies in staying nimble, agile and being highly adaptable.  Amidst COVID-19, PLG has adopted new ways of doing business, through digitalisation, automation and going into food logistics.

What has the impact of COVID-19 been for the industry and for PLG?

With the Circuit Breaker in place, market uncertainty was high as business volumes and shifts grew more and more volatile. To address this uncertainty, PLG looked inwards and pivoted to grow and invest in our food and stockpiling verticals, doubling our warehouse capacity from 700,000 square feet to 1.4 million square feet. While we have been making a push towards digitalisation and automation, we remain focused on our core business of the marine and freight industry whilst simultaneously having the in-house IT team write our own programmes, helping us to alleviate the cost of automation.

What are PLG’s current activities?

PLG’s reputation for being fast and trustworthy has led to us being involved in government projects such as providing warehouse storage and storage solutions for our nation’s food and pharmaceutical stockpile.

Having built a good relationship with the various agencies involved, we are also working on our vision of connecting the rest of the world with Asia. This is realised through PLG being the first Singaporean company to be involved in the Government to Government belt and road initiative. We are the first company to have signed a contract to be the railway operator between Chongqing(the planned hub of Asia) and Duisberg (the planned hub of Europe). Plans are also underway to have Singapore as a base to then forward logistics to New Zealand or Australia.

PLG’s future

Located next to the future PSA port, the Government has the grand vision of doubling capacity to 65 million PU by 2040. Looking forward, we’re incredibly excited to take part in this vision and to assist the PSA in this project, we at PLG are always thinking of how we can support this increase in capacity through bettering its infrastructure outside of the port.

Aside from assisting in the Tuas Mega Port project, we at PLG intend to continue expanding our business across the various verticals we have invested in, whilst always remaining nimble and on the lookout for potential opportunities or changes within the industry.